The SU-TermServ is developing tools that aim to facilitate the use of terminology servers. Below, you can find a list of tools developed by the SU-TermServ. The list is constantly updated as new tools are developed.


BabelFSH is a tool to provide HL7 FHIR Terminology resources from disjoint sources. It uses the FSH language to define metadata, and a flexible plugin architecture to define the content of the resources from master files or APIs.

DFN Proxy

This small web proxy allows you to deploy a single endpoint in your ecosystem to connect securely to the central Ontoserver provided by the Service Unit Terminological Services. It will handle authentication using your client certificate transparently, so you don’t have to bother with this in your client code.


WASP is an acronym for Web Application supporting SNOMED CT Postcoordination. For this, WASP utilizes the SNOMED CT Machine Readable Concept Model and supports the SNOMED CT Expression Template Language. This work was published in a 2023 paper in Applied Sciences.